“SILK” by Lori Pelikan Strobel

“Silk petals unfold   Revived by the thread of sun   Spring disrobes layers.”  Lori Pelikan Strobel  

“If your dogs were writers, what would they write about?” Waggleview with author Suzanne Strempek Shea

Please read the Waggleview below to find out about this remarkable woman leader and her dog. Woof on! The Dog Owner: Suzanne Strempek Shea is the author of six novels, including “Make a Wish But Not For Money,” about a palm reader in a dead mall, and five works of nonfiction, including “This Is Paradise: An Irish Mother’s Grief, an African Village’s Plight and the Medical Clinic That Brought...

Hippity Hoppity…Easter’s on it’s way!

The Easter Bunny is part of every Easter celebration. “Peter Cottontail” by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins is one of the most famous Easter songs of all time. Written in 1950, the song describes how the Easter bunny brings chocolates, gifts and happiness to everyone. In honor of Easter, here are the lyrics to “Peter Cottontail”. Go ahead and start singing. I bet you won’t be able to get...

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