“The Years Whiz By”

Happy 2nd Birthday Louie!

Yes friends, I am still a new puppy parent who is marking the milestones of my pup’s life. In honor of his birthday, I made him a special frozen yogurt treat. (You can find the recipe below.)


He loved his birthday treat!

He didn’t really like his birthday hat. I sent my husband out to find red party hats, but all he could find were pink ones with butterflies on it.

Image 1

However, when presented with his treat, Louie forgot all about his hat and was focused on devouring his frozen yogurt.


Louie’s Frozen Yogurt

16 oz. Greek plain yogurt

½ cup peanut butter

1-½ bananas

1-cup ice


Put all ingredients in blender or Vitamix and blend until smooth.


Pour out smoothie mixture into parchment lined baking sheet. Smooth yogurt mixture until evenly distributed on baking sheet. Place in freezer. When fully frozen, cut them into squares and store in freezer bag. Take one out for your pup to enjoy!


*Hint place the treat in a bowl because it gets messy when it starts to melt.



Bone Appetite!






4 Responses to ““The Years Whiz By””

  1. LuAnne Porcello says:

    Happy Birthday, Louie!

  2. valbarda says:

    Happy birthday to Louie! My Kenji celebrates his 16th August 1st. Perhaps I’ll make this recipe for his birthday treat.

    • Lori Pelikan Strobel says:

      Thank you Val. If Kenji likes peanut butter he will love these treats. They will also be very cooling for a birthday in August when it is so hot out.

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